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Krmenčík: In Pilsen they laughed that I too could be in a representation

Pilsen striker Michael Krmencik was surprised by the premiere nomination for the national team and admitted that he was the victim of the jokes in Victoria’s cabin. The players were laughing that if he was in a representation he could

Media after Colombia’s air crash speculate about fuel shortages

The investigators have not yet made any official statement about the cause of the Monday air crash in Colombia, which killed 71 people. The media, referring to its resources and air experts, are increasingly speculating about a possible fuel shortage.

Wozniacka’s World Two, Hantuch has fallen

ST. PETERSBURG – Serena Williams, the WTA World Tennis Champion, is also in Serena Williams in the beginning of the third week of August, although he does not play for a right foot injury since the Wimbledon triumph. Daniela Caroline

Kazakhstan, Germany and Romania, with the certainty of an elite group

BRATISLAVA – Play-off meeting conditions for participation in the Davis World Cup 2011 World Men’s Tennis Teams Championship: Lyleton Hewitt – Ruben Bemelmans 7: 6 (4), 7: 5, 2: 6, Rochus 4: 6, 4: 6, 6: 7 (5) Paul Hanley,