5 games on Serena. I did not want the Canaries, said Hlaváčková

Andrey Hlaváčková’s reward for a successful French Open qualification? Meeting with Serena Williams at Philippe Chatrier’s central courtyard. Result? 3: 6, 2: 6. The world’s No. 1 player was the No. 190 player on the ladder. He enjoyed it more because she had last collected from the robust American two canaries.

At the end of the game, you were smiling. So you have a relatively good feeling in the game?
“Of course it’s hard to play against Serena in the first round on such a big court and the way she played today. It was hard to think about winning.So at the end of the match, when I gave her three aces, I smiled. You have to be able to enjoy it when it is at such a big court and against such a legend. “

What did you say when you saw a successful qualification, who is waiting for you? > “I dropped it down. I played the last match of the game, I was so happy and I can see for the massage that there is a chance to play with Serena. I said, no, no, no, I can not. And in 10 minutes came the esemeska that, of course, it happened. I was a fool, but then I thought I’d enjoy it. I tried to get the best out of it. “

Is a man playing a score or win?

” Last time I did not play with the score, They all advised me and I got 6: 0, 6: 0.Everyone told me again today, and I answered for myself: no, no. (Laughs) I’ll be glad when the game is over, then another, maybe three. See you. And I was in the 0: 3 position when I was playing the first game. “

How is an unpleasant stop in the moment when you finally manage to break through to the main Grand Slam competition Is there such a strength?
“You have to take it so that you go to enjoy the game. We play tennis for games on big courts and against big players. And that happened today.Unfortunately, it was in the first round, it could have been because I was quite in the form of a qualifying round, which would make a good use of half of the spider, which is not the case at all. “

strong> Have you been more respectful of the match for the Canaries the last one gave you?

< 0, 6: 0 and it stops because I did not play badly. Now I knew I would not like to get this again. "

You were playing the grandslam of life, you got to the eight-finals. How did you play this game now?
“I was thinking about the court that I’m not playing worse than in New York.It’s amazing that I qualified, three difficult games on the surface that is not my favorite are positive. And I hope it turns out to be on the grass. “

So did you bounce off the bottom?
” The bottom was last year when I had health problems, Wrong and there was no way to get away from it. I had immune problems, I could not play. But when a man plays, he loses or wins, so it is different and he can go forward. I have this year. At the tournaments where I was able to play, I played well. “

Is Lucie Hradecka, the debut player, inspired by the health problems and is playing great today?
> “It’s a great inspiration. What she has done this year is amazing. When she got from 160 to 60.Instead of four months, so it’s inspiration to everyone. I can just look this way forward. “