Cibulka did not manage against Wozniacki 4: 0

SYDNEY. Slovak tennis player Daniela Hantuchova has fought in the quarterfinals of singles at the WTA tournament in Sydney, Australia ($ 637,000).

The finalist of last week’s Brisbane event was in the second round with Italian Francesco Schiavone for 1:43 in two sets 7: 5, 6: 1 and adjusted the balance with Roland Garros champion from 2010 to 3: 5 .

Hantuch’s compatriot Dominik Cibulka was only two of her gems to play in the second round of the victory over the world and tournament unit by Danish Caroline Wozniacki when she was 4-0 in the third. Eventually, however, she lost 5: 7, 6: 2 and 4: 6. Hantuch, currently being coached by Italian coach Claudio Pistolesi, became Sydney’s “katom” player from the Apennine peninsula.In the first round, she betrayed Robert Vinci.

In the semifinals duel on Wednesday against Czech world champion Petra Kvitova, which has a negative balance of 0: 3. Last year, she played at the Fedcup duel in the NTC in Bratislava, in the Eastbourne English tournament and in Linz, Austria.

Sydney has already won $ 16,375 and 120 points in the WTA World Ranking thanks to its participation in the Elite Eighth Prize. Hantuchova was able to follow the Brisbane performances

Hantuchova did not have much satisfaction after the quarterfinals. “I’m very excited to be able to make good on Brisbane at Brisbane, I was aggressive but patiently, and I was able to take Schiavone over the box, which is a very positive sign before the Australian Open.With Pistolesim, we were confused that we have an Italian week in Sydney. Both Vinci and Schiavone know each other very well and we have a good tactic for them, and we are very proud of both victories, “said TASR Hantuchová, who looks forward to the quarterfinals against Kvitova.

” It will be especially important to regenerate. Against Petre I have nothing to lose and it will be another great test before Melbourne. Pete is currently the best player in the world and I’m curious about how I’m doing it. If I want to succeed, I have to play aggressively and not let it get under pressure.Before the Australian Open, I have enough of the record and enough, every extra match there will be a bonus for me in Sydney, “added Hantuchova.

Wozniacka adjusted the balance with Cibulka to 7: 3 To the semifinals on Wednesday against Agnieszke Radwanska Poljska Cibulkova after the loss with Wozniacki was not a big disappointment. “I played very good and offensive for long minutes, I led her on the court and Caroline was vulnerable. At 4: 0 in the third game, however, I felt as though I was victorious and started to play. I did not stop for a quick tennis and allowed the opponent to turn the match.Caroline has begun to take more risks, but I have helped her significantly by stopping playing actively, “said TASR Cibulkova, who will try to forget about winning with Wozniacki as soon as possible and prepare her well for the Australian Open Wozniacka thought she was Match lost

“Lost with Daniel Hantuch in Brisbane and with Wozniacki in Sydney I’m sorry, but it’s not the end of the world. I have to take lessons from them, in other games do not take into account the condition, but continue to play my game.We’re going to Melbourne on Wednesday, and I’m supposed to train in the first grandslam of the season, “added Cibulkova, who earns $ 8800 from Sydney.

Wozniacka’s head over the triumph over Cibulka’s head was shaking her head. 0: 4 I said that this match is already lost. I relaxed, tried not to think about the score, and suddenly it started to spin. In the second and third seasons, Dominique was very good and it was hard to think of it. I made too unforgivable mistakes, and I could not get to the right rhythm. I firmly believe that in the beginning of the Australian Open, my form will gradually graduate, “Danka said in the first interview straight on the court.Round:

Hantuch did not start the match with Schiavone and lost 2: 4 in the sixth gem. However, the Slovak Republic was quick to control the rebreed, equalizing to 4: 4 and at the end of the set was successful.

The second deed was already clearly under the direction of Hantuch, who, as well as the Brisbane tournament, had benefited from quality rendition. In the seventh gem, she changed the second mepbala when she placed her opponent.

Cibulka did not start the match with Wozniacki when in the fourth game after a series of unforgivable defeats missed the administration and Danka took the lead 5: 2 after confirming the break.Cibulka improved the lead in the next minute and managed to make it to 5: 5, but the Wozniacki set.

At the start of the second round, Cibulka’s advice from coach Krajana raised her aggressiveness, started Wozniacka to crash from forhendu and after two breaks she managed a 4-0 lead. Danka still dropped to 2: 5, but Cibulkova hit the set at the end.

At the beginning of the decisive deed, Cibulkova continued to perform well. The winners of both forhendu and bekhed, as well as Wozniacki rebounded to 4: 0 in the second set and was close to the quarterfinals. However, the end of the set failed.

Wozniacka has put everything on one card in an unfavorable state, started to take more risks and has done a perfect turn.Denmark won six games in a row and secured the best of eight. Under the 5: 4 status, Cibulkova changed the second mechbal with Jastrabie’s eye contribution, which showed that Slovenkin forhend ended up in the car.