Cross-country skiing: Bators are not present in Liberec

LIBEREC February 14 (SITA) – The World Ski Jumping Cup continues in the weekend in Liberec.

On Saturday, 15 km of men’s races and 10 km of free-standing women on Sunday, then the team with classical technique on Sunday. The Slovak expedition will be held in the history of the world championships in a non-traditional style – Martin Bajčičák and Michal Malák will start in the men’s category after two days, while Alena Procházková will be in the category of women in Saturday’s race and in the Sunday team will try two Kataríny – Garajová and Johansenová .

“Originally in Liberec was to run skateboard and coach Alena Prochazkova Ján Valuška had previously informed that his prize will not be able to pass both races.Even though the program has changed and there are “empty” tens instead of skiatlon, we did not want to make any changes and Garaj and Johansen promised to be able to show up on the World Cup. Katka Johansen is our second best classic after Alena Prochazkova, Garaja was pleasantly surprised at the team of last year’s world championships in Sapporo. We will give them a chance “, Viera Klimková, chairwoman of the Slovak Skiing Union (SLZ) chairman, explained Ivana Bátora.” After returning from the Otepäa World Cup last year, I caught the unpleasant viraemia.The temperatures jumped above thirty-eight degrees, I had stomach problems. It came suddenly, and it suddenly collapsed. I was easy to run on Thursday, and I planned a quick training on Saturday. But on Tuesday we agreed with the coach that I would not go to Liberec. Still, the organism got to work, it is weakened. I need to give myself a good deal, relax, regenerate and get into shape. We’re going to a Nordic tour next week for a challenging program.There is a skateboard in the Swedish Falun, then a classic fifteen in Finnish Lahti, and finally a skateboard fifty in Normen Holmenkollene, “said SITA, a 32-year-old experienced Bators.

In the current round of the Crystal Globe Luke Bauer, who is headed by Luke Bauer in the lead, has a three-point lead in front of Renm Sommerfeldt from Germany, who helped build the world championship in the Tour de Ski series, then missed the overseas SP in Canmore, Canada, but returned last weekend to A white trace in Estonian Otepää and he just won.

“I think Lukáš surprised the victory of all. He won sovereignly and is proof that he is a great runner.I wish him and I would like to behave as well as he did sometimes, “he said to the best Slovak ski jogger Martin Bajcicak before going to Liberec and continued:” Of course my goals are again high. I certainly want to score from the top of the line, “concluded the Slovak runner-up unit. Michal Malák will again try his first points in the overall classification of the World Cup in his career.” As my summer training was like everything was fitting And that I did not have any health breakdowns, I have been in the position scored since the beginning of the season. That it did not work out was and is frustrating for me. When I look back on this and analyze it a bit, I see that the problem is not physical, but I need to work on psychics.I have to concentrate on the race, even in tension, but do not be afraid. I’m sure I will try to do everything in order for those points to go ‘. “

The SP Program in Liberec:

Saturday February 16: <

/ P>

Men 15 km free technique (10.15)

Women 10 km free technique (14.00)


teammate of men and women with classical technique (10.00)

Nomination of Slovak Republic to SP in Liberca:

men: Martin Bajčičák, Michal Malák Will start on Saturday and Sunday

Women: Alena Procházková (will start only on Saturday), Katarína Garajová, Katarína Johansen (both will start only on Sunday)

(Out of 31 scheduled):


1. Lukáš Bauer (Czech Republic) 916 points, 2. René Sommerfeldt (DE) 621, 3. Tor Arne Hetland (Norway) 576, 4. Axel Teichmann (DE) 538, 5. Giorgio di Centa (Tal.) 467, 6. Pietro Piller Cottrer (Tal.) 437, 7. Tord Asle Gjerdalen (Norway) 418 8. Valerio Checchi (Tal.) 396 9. Eldar Rönning (Norway) 379 10. Jens Arne Svartedal ) 321,…40. Martin Bajčičák 126, 85.Ivan Bators (both SR) 24


1. Virgo Kuitunen (Fin.) 979, 2. Charlotte Kallova (Sweden) 830 points, 3. Astrid Jacobsen (Norway) 770, 4. Justyna Kowalczykova (Poland) 729, 5. Arianna Follisová Petra Majdičová (Slovin.) 645, 7. Valentina Ševčenková (Ukr.) 560, 8. Claudia Nystadová (Nem.) 546, 9. Oľga Ročevová (Rus.) 534, 10. Evi Sachenbacherová-Stehleová ,…29. Alena Procházková (SR) 182

Ranking of the SP in the so- Long runs (after 11 out of 17 planned races – small crystal globe):


1. Lukáš Bauer (Czech Republic) 466, 2. Axel Teichmann (Germany) 369, 3. Valerio Checchi (Tal.) 332, 4. Rene Sommerfeldt (DE) 301, 5. Pietro Piller Cottrer (Tal. Nikolaj Pankratov (Rus.) 225, 7. Anders Södergren (Swe.) 218, 8.Tobias Angerer (DE) 214, 9. Giorgio di Centa (Tal.) 202, 10. Odd-Björn Hjelmeset (NOR) 194,…23. Martin Bajčičák 102, 51. Ivan Bátor (obaja SR) / P>


1. Virpi Kuitunen (Finland) 371 points, 2. Justyna Kowalczykova (Poland) 363, 3. Valentina Ševčenková (Ukr.) 346, 4. Astrid Jacobsen (Norway) 332, 5. Charlotte Kallová Claudia Nystadová (Germany) 298, 7. Arianna Follisova (Tal.) 268, 8. Evi Sachenbacherova-Stehleová (Germany) 265, Aino Kaisa Saarinenová (Fin.) 257, 10. Oľga Ročevová (Rus.) 252,…38. Alena Procházková (SR) 19.