Federer: I knew it would come!

He sat behind the desk, a happy smile on his face, and a silver Musketeers Cup ahead of him. The day Roger Federer dreamed of was here. He finally won the French Open! “You know, I always knew it would come. I did not hope for it, I knew it! “Told the 2009 Paris Champion. Wimbledon won at twenty-one, the Australian Open at twenty-two, and the US Open at the age of twenty-three. In August you will be 28 years old and finally you have won in Paris. Are your experiences more intense when you have to wait so long and listen to the rumors that you will never call the French Open?
“Definitely. You know, I never believed those who said I would be like Pete (Sampras) and Stefan (Edberg) who never won Paris. Pete was here once in the semi-final, others maybe once in the final.But I played here three times and managed to win big clay tournaments. I knew the day will come when Rafa (Nadal) will not be in the final, but I will and will eventually win. It’s funny, I just did not want it, I really did. “

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When last Sunday Nadal dropped out of the tournament , You did not want to comment too much.But when it’s over, say, did you think this was going to be your year?
“I definitely knew I was more likely than in the past, because my balance with Nadal is not good. But even though I knew I’d have a lighter life, I was not happy to lose. I’m not such a man. It is important for me to respect Rafa for what he has done for the last four years. I was disappointed for him, but at the same time I knew my stock was on the rise. But the pressure also rose. “

. The second set was the key.I showed one of the best tiebreaks of life, because I gave him four aces. But still it was psychically overwhelmingly hard. The thoughts that I’m so close and what I say when I win, are playing with my head. I could not help myself. And the last game? I almost could not play, I hoped I would have four submissions and he would make four mistakes. “

What happened to you when Söderling broke the first sword?
” First of all, I hoped the ball would not end On my side of the court. My reaction is always the same, I fall on my knees. That’s what I did when I defeated Sampras in Wimbledon in 2001.This is how best I can express my feelings and enjoy my victory. “

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I’ve done more than I’ve ever dreamed.As a little boy, I once wanted to win Wimbledon. I did it five times as if it were not enough. In recent years, I have been increasingly aware of how great a player I could have been if I won the French Open. I did not feel good at first at first, the centercourt is terribly big. But I got used to it and now I’m sitting here as a winner. “

How important is the fact that you won when a happy time is waiting for you, you are married, you will have the first Child?
“I think there are two different things. Of course, I’m overjoyed that Mirka is pregnant and we are both looking forward to the baby. But I do not know how much to do with this win. Perhaps this is the most emotional experience for me. But in truth, I’m not sure.I was definitely happy that my life was so great. “

Is the exhibitionist surprised you who rushed to the court and bothered you?
” I just heard the hum of people , Then scared me how close he was to me. I have experienced this several times, so I did not panic. Usually, people look at me and say, I’m sorry, but I have to do it. All right, just do not touch me, I answer them. But this man looked at me and I did not know what he was up to. It seemed to me that he wanted to give me something, so I was calm because he did not want to do some stupidity. But he scared me when he got close to me.I had to take a few minutes to calm down because it made me think. “

During the final was a strong wind, it was raining and the exhibitionist attacked you. Have you ever played in more complicated conditions?
“You know, it seems to me that it just should be. Andre (Agassi) inspired me. When he won this ten years ago, I do not want to say he was lucky, but he could just turn around when he needed it the most (Agassi made the final with Medvedev in 1: 6, 2: 6). That’s exactly what happened over the past two weeks. Several times I’ve been in desperate situations and managed them. Happiness stood on my side when I needed it.And maybe I deserved it too, because when I train hard, I say I’m doing it for Paris, for Roland Garros. “

What does the fourteenth grandslam win and the Sampras record mean for you?
“It’s a bit in the background for me. I do not mean that this is the most important thing for me. I rather appreciate the fact that I was not derailed by a few unfinished finals with Rafa and eventually the record settled. And that happened in Paris, that’s amazing. It also comes to me very impressively that he handed me the title Andre. I’m sure he and Pete are also happy for me. “

Many people now say that you are the best tennis player in history. What do you think?
“It’s always nice to be ranked among the best.I do not know if we’ll ever find out who was the best, but I’m definitely happy to be talking to myself about that. “

You will not be trying to avoid the next years The argument that you are the best player of all time?
“Look, I’m not addicted to breaking records. I’m trying to have the best career and it should be evaluated only after it’s over. I hope to stay healthy and add a few more titles, because motivation and will certainly do not miss me. My wife and baby still have some very exciting tennis years. “

If you were to finish your career tomorrow, you would be happy, would not it?
” Definitely. For this moment I fought for so long, I stayed positive and believed, even though my card was gone.But I assure you that the thoughts for the end of my career have never blown me. “

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