Fenerbahçe SK – Zarja Luhansk

European rookie league los basic groups not spared. But Zarja doing the really tough competition very well and continue to feed hopes of making it to the playoffs. If you had his premiere victory near, it is precisely in the opening home match with Fenerbahce. Now he has to Ukrainian unit in Istanbul rematch to score full earnest.

Yuri Verniduba charges should be expected only in Bet365 number. But in all four matches of their opponents slovutnější severely troubled. In Manchester and Rotterdam lost by just one goal at home in Odessa asylum then managed to draw twice. While in September they were not really far from a full score.

Fenerbahce was at that time a major crisis and almost suffered a great shame. At least one point rescued up in the sixth minute setting. “Many people Bet365 wrote about us that we do not have a chance. I do not agree with that. As long as there is the slightest possibility, we have to fight for it,” he exhorted Ukrainian strategist at a press conference.

Zarja is currently the third best total for leading Ukrainian Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev Bet365 second, entirely well, however, he did not lead the top online betting bonus weekend, as the pitch lost to Oleksandria 1: 2nd In the league a bit needlessly lost a series of four rounds without defeat. Overall, however, for positions guaranteeing Champions League lags by only three points.

Pets will naturally encounter in this big favorite. “When you look at the Bet365 beginning of the season and the present, the axis of the team are still the same fifteen players. I do not see big changes compared to the first match in Odessa,” thinks Vernidub. “We do not have any stars, we are strong as a whole. The league is for us anyway invaluable experience.”

Yellow canaries from Istanbul to celebrate procedure may even have early round before the end, it would be in addition to the statutory profit of three points having also Bet365 hope to win at Feyenoord soil Manchester. In that case, Dutch and Turkish club slipped further and in December last engagements would only be decided only on the final location.

Team coach Dick Advocaat is certainly very encouraged about the weekend derby scalp over Galatasaray. Overall, has collected five wins in a row, including the last in the European leagues over Manchester. In the Turkish league after a miserable beginning to have heaved a commendable third position.

The Dutch strategist excludes any underestimating his opponent. “Look now at our first mutual match. We also face dangerous brejkům. I do not even know if the players thought it would be easy,” he said. “I just eleven players, but twenty-two. There is a lot of competition, each trying to assert itself in the assembly,” he liked.

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