Krmenčík: In Pilsen they laughed that I too could be in a representation

Pilsen striker Michael Krmencik was surprised by the premiere nomination for the national team and admitted that he was the victim of the jokes in Victoria’s cabin. The players were laughing that if he was in a representation he could end their career. However, the 23-year-old cannister took the invitation to qualify with Norway and prepare for Denmark as the highest accomplished career goal.

The Nobel Prize winner, after winning the junior league match against Jablonec (3: 1) But he made two goals for teammates. “I did not expect this, I can not wait for this. I deserved some good performances.Representing the Czech Republic is the ultimate goal I was able to achieve in my career, “ vedonlyönti android Krmenčík told reporters at a meeting of the team.

On the other hand, he” hacked “Pilsen teammates. They are kidding. They said that when I’m in the representation, I end up with my career. I’m going back with them, “Krmenčík laughed.

He is a type of strong attacker called by national team coach Karel Jarolim, but he acknowledges that he should improve in the end. vedonlyönti bonus > “The guys tell me I’m a terrible fool on the pitch, but that’s probably gonna be. Sometimes I am almost aggressive, but it is in me and I can not influence it.If I have a good day, I will give goals if not, so I will not even impossible, “said a native of Kraslice, who previously hosted Pilsen in Sokolov, Čáslav, Vlašim, Ostrava and Dukla Praha.

In the past few weeks he has worked as a key striker for an acting master, and with seven goals he is the best Pilsen shooter in the season, while he was leaving the West Bohemian club in the summer.

“I coach (Roman Pivarník ) He said it was 50 to 50. He stood for me otherwise I would not have left it there. But Ďuriš came back from the representation, Bakoš came, Holenda was there. The coach wanted to play one attacker at the beginning, and one had to go out. It seemed to me, “admitted Krmenčík.

” In the match with Vlasim, I was told I had to report somewhere else.The coach asked if I was going to go halfway. And I gave him two goals and was a penalty for me. It’s just a preparation, but I probably got the future in Pilsen, “added the former representative to the age of 21.

It does not focus on Friday’s home match against Norway, which the Czech team needs to win. Karel Jarolím’s confidants in addition to the fourth match in the World Cup 2018 are still waiting for the first goal to be scored. “I do not allow much pressure. When I get five fifteen minutes, I leave everything on the field and I want to score a goal, “ said Krmenčík.

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