Nadal has to wait for the last big title

BRATISLAVA. It seems that after the championship tournament, David Ferrer and Jo-Wilfried Tsong will be able to reach the top tennis peak. The first did not give the chance to Novak Djokovic to the world unit, and the other on Thursday managed to beat Rafael Nadal in the fight for the semifinals. Rafael Nadal Season

l Australian Open – Quarterfinal, Roland Garros – Winner, Wimbledon and US Open – Final. He won tournaments in Barcelona and Monte Carle

l Novak Djokovic pushed him out of the position.

l Match Balance 66:13

The French tennis player has already struck in the first match at the Roger Federer O2 Arena in London.

Opposite Nadal showed all the benefits. In the difficult nerve struggle he was on top and dominated the decisive third set.Nearly perfect performance

“I played great tennis, I’m happy with myself. It was an almost perfect match on my part. I played aggressively and hard enough, I did not put pressure on Rafa, “Tsonga told L Equipe.

“I did not play well. To win a similar match, you have to show something extra that I have not done. Yeah, he deserved to win, he played great, “he admitted the Spanish left for the official page of the tournament.

Nadal has to wait for one of the last great titles. The World Two won all four grandslamas, the Olympics and also won the most of the masters category.

However, the title of the Championship is still missing. In five years he fought the final only once. Federer was defeated by Federer.Overall, nine out of nineteen wins won.

The statistics only confirm that Mallorcan is doing the least in the hall. It can not so much benefit from the strength of its elevated forhends. It was Federer who showed it to him, and he returned all his attempts with quick blows and eliminated Spaniard’s quick legs.

Twenty-five-year-old Nadal did not help even a longer retirement, which was a challenge for the Champions Tournament. “I was happy to have been training for the last three weeks but, unfortunately, it was not a good match,” he told Reuters. He dominated only on the clay After 2010, dominated by three grandslamas and clearly dominated in the ladder, a less fortunate season came. Nadal dominated only on clay.He won Roland Garros and tournaments in Monte Carlo and Barcelona.

Wimbledon and the US Open have fought for the final. It was not enough for Novak Djokovic to play.

“The end of the year was hard for me. I do not enjoy the best time. You’re upstairs, sometime downstairs. I could talk more about the reasons, but I just did not have the same form as ever and I was tired too, “added a ten-time Grand Slam champion.

Nadal did not help even his adamant nature on the court. The match with Tsong reached the third set, but the French could not break. In his own words, he wants to be better prepared now for the Australian Open. Before him, the Davis Cup finals in Seville against Argentina are waiting for him in early December.

“I’m not afraid to play against Argentina.However, we will play on clay, which gives me more time and play on it is easier for me. On the other hand, we have a great team and the captain can choose in the games of another player who can plunge me, “concluded the best clay tennis player of history.