Manchester United officially confirmed the arrival of Ibrahimovic

MANCHESTER. The Manchester United English club on Friday night officially confirmed the engagement of Swedish cannonist Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Already on Thursday, the arrival of Old Trafford was announced by a player who, on his official profile on the social network

Slovak talent destroys fracture in Italy. Is there a lack of vitamin?

BRATISLAVA. At the end of 2014, he broke his ankle, and in December he broke his finger. In February of this year he broke his head and broke his thumb in the same game. He was already making jokes that

Hockey Quiz: Do you remember how the Slovaks came to the elite after being divided?

BRATISLAVA. When the Czechoslovakia and Slovakia split, the Slovaks had to start in the C-category world championships. Their progress has been very rapid, and we have fought between the elite within two years. We have prepared a quiz for you

It is the second oldest. Returning to the Slovak representation has an X factor

BRATISLAVA. On his right hand, Marek Bakoš wore the bracelet of the Association 28. It was there that many sports personalities joined together to help the heavily ill footballer Marián Čišovský. Former representative and player Plzne suffers from amyotrophic lateral

It is known by its nature. Montreal is facing a Russian star

BRATISLAVA. He belongs to the best Russian hockey players, with a two-time World Championship win.However, he did not go to New York before this year’s home championship. Instead, he went to New York to discuss returning to the NHL. Read

Hossa completó un gran giro, alabándolo a él y al entrenador

El cambio de tendencia se inició huéspedes Artemi Panarin, anotó en breve su primer gol en la NHL Vincent Hinostroza y el mismo jugador preparado en menos de cinco minutos antes de la tercera sirena de la puntuación 3: 3

Its function in the union is still open. The president must be supported, says Shatan

BRATISLAVA. When Miroslav Šatan played for Slovan Bratislava in the 2010 to 2014 season, he spent most of his life with his family in Slovakia and in the spring he was selected for his second home in New York. After

In VC Hungary, Button won before Vettel

Budapest. After Canada’s VC, he recorded the second triumph in this year’s series and overall eleven in his career. Leader of the MS Nemec series, Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull, finished third in the third time against Spaniard Fernando Alons

LM: Leicester öt helyet kapott a Porte-ban, és a szlovák is játszott

A Bajnokok Ligája nyolcadik bajnokságának előrehaladása BRATISLAVA. FC Porto és FC Sevilla befejezte a Bajnokok Ligája nyolc bajnoka listáját. Porto az utolsó fordulóban a csoport színpadi haladás biztosítása szuverén diadal 5: 0-át Leicester City, Sevilla elég Lyon is gól nélküli

Halak against Price? It will be personal, said the Canadian manager

BRATISLAVA. Carey Price had a hockey path paved from junior years. This is why Montreal has drawn him up in 2005 from the fifth place. A goalman is the one who had to fight for himself. Jaroslav Halák entered the