Sharapova: Cibulkova? Or I want to play against him

“Few will be pleased when Dominikino’s name falls in a spider’s spider. I’m following her. I know that in the third round Suarez Navarro was exhausted against her after the same fight two days before me with Karin Knappo but twice 12: 1 at the grandslam tournament is impressive. I do not even want to play against it. “

” I’m joking but I know what’s waiting for me. I was better off as Suarez. Dominika is a great warrior, she likes physical tennis, it is the best. He’s coming back a lot, attacking, and after spending seven hours in three rounds, that’s definitely not a walk. But I am very satisfied with my first set with Alizé Cornet 6: 1. The body seems to regenerate and I will be ready.Twice I have with Dominika losing, is well know, it’s a fight. “

” Much like the untrained. I gave you ice bath, collect power, more rested. Against Cibulková not enough merely good condition, must be improved gaming. I am not satisfied with certain phases of their matches. Over Knappová I had to win in straight sets against Cornet, I threw away a match point in the state 5: 4 and I did not go to tajbrejku. “

” It is difficult to compare. Last year I lost the semi-finals just nine games in the ten sets, and yet I ended up on a rocket Li Na. Form not last. Score is not essential. “

” I do not follow hockey.My father is a fan, we will keep our fingers crossed. But I will go to Sochi, I was there last year several times. “

” Do not think that I’m an expert on winter sports. The bob I do not know anything, and certainly not going to comment on anything. I agreed with them that they show the city, introduced the world to venues, Olympic Village and took several conversations with studio commentator Bob Costas. I had to face the issues and the situation of homosexuals. “

” I truthfully was expressed for the New York Times. For me, what is to be resolved, is resolved, it takes time. I am proud that I am Russian.I never wishing for to represent another country. Although many live in Florida, I’m proud of our culture and history, and the fact that I grew up there. “

” We are not talking about the rankings. Grigor moving forward, you saw yourself today, but tennis is not one of our main topics, we have a number of others. “