Vienna in Canada experienced – 40 degrees. He hopes that Finland will not surprise him

BRATISLAVA. After his debut in the Slovak ice hockey team betting sites offers at the end of the last season at the championships, striker Marek Viedenský (24 years old) will introduce himself to the German Cup in November 2014.

Until the rest of the spring, he was at the club level overseas. “I’m coming to the first tournament of the season and I feel it a little like late April. I have not had the opportunity to come out of overseas for a spectacular performance during the year.”

“So the preparation for Munich will be a best betting offers bit different from the World Championship, and then I was a newcomer,” he admitted to the center of the Finnish team HPK Hämeenlinn after arriving in Bratislava. He is very satisfied at the club

Marek Viedenský is proud of the performance in the Juhofín team.So far he has had 19 duels with 6 goals and 10 assists.

“I am very happy at the club, the coach believes in our formation, I am doing it there and I have a nice environment there, Finland is a very nice country,” he said.

On the German Cup to Munich, coach Vladimir Vuitek nominated mostly less experienced hockey players, but according to Vienna it is completely unclear what will be names in Slovak jerseys.

“We all know how to play hockey and we are going to fight for world championships, but we all want to fight for Slovakia,” he said, adding: “The World Championship is still far There are many things to do during the season, and it is important now that each of us will show up before the coach.At the end of the year, it will be important to have a form. “

The first of the country’s opponents will be Canada’s choice on Friday.” Canadians will definitely play their typical hockey. They have only one training before the tournament and go straight to the match. But they can cope and have their own style in the blood. “

” I have not played against the Swiss and German at the senior level yet only in juniors.

At that time they were quite unpleasant, many skating and hitting. I believe that the Slovak hockey will be more successful in Munich, “said Marek Viedenský. The situation in Prievidza is sad

In Germany, there is also a micro team with a club teammate, Zach Hamil.Maybe in our mutual struggle I will make myself more successful, “said MS 2014 participant in Minsk.

The ninth is still in early November, but Finland is already getting cold, and Marek Viedenský is ready for a stiff frost. P>

“I worked in Saskatoon, Canada, where it was minus 40 degrees. I think I can handle it and I will not be surprised, “said the ice hockey player with the experience of the AHL, ECHL and the WHL.

With regard to Marek Viedenský, it is interesting that he has grown in Prievidza, “

” I’m watching the situation and it’s very sad, “he said.

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