Without Konate, but with Shurale? Sparta addresses the earthquake in the report

The massive defeat of 0: 4 indicates that the Rostov coaching team Sparta does not break the basic set. So today again in a small Prague derby against Bohemians (17.30, direct transfer to iSport.cz). But how? React to, or believe, the chosen ones? Trainer tandem Tomáš Požár – David Holoubek had a really tangled head on the proofs of the ideal set.

Immediately after the explosion in the first match of the defeat of the European League, Sparta’s head coach Tomáš Požár was clear. “We will definitely react and make some changes. A lot of players did not get to the game, “he said after the rinse of Don.

But Firearve was frustration and disappointment. When the hot coach heads cool down, other variants start spinning in them.What about one more chance to give the disappointed ones? They will have the incentive to fix the new leak.

At the same time, one person does not get rid of everything that he has carefully crafted during one game. According to information from Sunday Sport, Sparty’s extensive implementation team did not even know the composition of the basic derby with the Bohemians yesterday. The final decision should only be made today before the match.

However, the first option is more likely – some changes will certainly be. The first man to blast is Tiémoko Konate, who with his silly exclusion in the 32nd.Minute hardly signed by Rostov.

The hard core of the Sparta fans, who were against his return to the aka, got another ammunition and an African trickster would surely crush the match.However, because the fans need the fans on their side today, they will not irritate them and let Konatý parked in the garage.

It is more likely that Josef Šural is in the left wing after a long injury. “I am 100% ready, I think I can go to the match,” said the Czech club club representative on YouTube.

“I did not feel physically well with Zilina, but my foot was stubborn, so I hope I’m going to get a nomination, “added a footballer who last played for Sparta at the end of last October in Plzeň and alternated in the spring against Zilina in the last 21 minutes.

” Reservations are definitely in shape.Although I was very busy and trained, but when it comes to playing the game, I have yet to catch up, “admitted the 26-year-old technician. “Pepa Šural is already training with the team and I think we could show him with the Bohemians. We will see, “one of Spartan coaches Stanislav Hejkal added.

A strict benchmark was not held by Rostov’s performance by any of the Spartans, but the greatest criticism was attributed to the strike pair Ondřej Mazuch – Michal Kadlec and three midfielder. Therefore, certain corrections can also be expected in these spaces.